Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Kix Class Levels - New term April 2012

Parent and Child Classes (Max 8 children per class)
Water familiarisation through the use of rhymes and activities.  Skills such as submerging, floating and movement through water are developed
Waterbabies (6 months - 18 months)
Aquatots (18 months - 2.5 years)
Seahorses (2.5 year - 4 years)

Very fearful of water!
Games and activites to help the child overcome their fear of the water. Water familiarisation, submersion, bubbles and floating, introduce basic kicking.

Nippers (4 years+)
Immersion skills, bubbles, opening eyes in water, forward and back glides, submersion from a jump, basic flutter kick on front and back.

Develop freestyle and backstroke kicking, develop torpedo, develop body position, glide forward and kick (5m), glide backwards and kick
Safety Sequence: jump from pool edge, float on back for 10 seconds, torpedo back to wall

Manta Rays
Commence freestyle arm stroking (5m), commence backstroke arm stroking (5m), freestyle (swim 5m unaided head down), scull and tread water
Safety Sequence: dive and glide forwards, scull, tread water, be pulled to safety with noodle

Introduce breathing technique, Freestyle and backstroke development. 15m freestyle with board, 10m backstroke with board,
Safety Sequence: glide and swim 10m recover and tread water 30 seconds return to wall

Develop freestyle (15m) and backstroke technique (15m), introduce survival backstroke kick
Safety sequence: swim 10m, survival scull 60seconds, be pulled to safety (reach rescue)

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