Saturday, November 24, 2012

Testimonials: Little Kix Swim School 2009-2012

"Ros was our (my daughter 5 years old, son 4 years old and myself 38 years) teacher for 1,5 years. I was happy to have met her. She is kind but not soft. She pushes you just a little bit further to take the next step. She'll try to understand what you need and incorporates this in the lessons. Although she has a programm she'll try to tailor made it to the group. Central theme besides learning how to swim is safety in the water. Ans guess what I finally deared to dive....!!"  [Natasha, Netherlands]

Our three-year old son was terrified of the water, refusing to get his face wet or go under the water, when he started. Ros recommended that he attend a lesson without parents in the water. This past week, after only a few weeks of these lessons, I was amazed to see my son putting his face in the water on his own and going under the water with the help of the teacher - and there were no tears! The best part was the big smile on his face throughout the entire class [Leith, UK]

Our daughter, 15 months old, has attended Little Kix swim lessons since she was six months old. She absolutely loves the water and I attribute that to her early exposure to Little Kix swim lessons. Ros focuses on water safety and getting children, even at this young age, comfortable with going under the water. We can already see our young daughter kicking to and reaching for the side of the pool and turning to grab the edge as she goes under the water. She adores the water and her Little Kix swim class! [Lori, Australia]
Ros and her team are fantastic, fun and professional. They are always patient with my boys. The youngest wouldn't go close to water until he started lessons with Ros and now he swims enthusiastically. [Andrew, Australia]
My son swam with Ros twice per week.  He was always very happy to go to swim class and showed much improvement.  He now can swim 25 metres and is moving up to the swim squad next year! Her classes make us very happy too!  [Van, Vietnam]
Our child was terrified of the water but  over time with gentle encouragement and patience her confidence has gradually increased and she is now going under the water and looks forward to her swim class. Thankyou Ros, we will miss Wednesday afternoons. [KC, Korea]
I was amazed to see the rapid improvement of my twin girls after attending Little Kix.  After just a few weeks the floaties were no longer needed and they began floating, jumping from the side and freestyle arms.  Ros keeps the lessons fun and interesting  and it was great to see the girls so focused. [Paul, Australia]

Although I can swim I took weekly classes with Ros to learn the freestyle so I could compete in a triathlon.   I was so happy to complete the swim leg completely in freestyle for the first time!  [carin, Netherlands]

We had our nanny take private classes with Ros.  She was very frightened of the water but her confidence increased and she now feels more comfortable in the water.  Ros was very patient and considerate of her feelings.  I would recommend this course for everyone with a nanny and a pool! [Ev, Germany]

Big Kix

I also offer lessons for adults and staff.  I have taught many nannies to swim as well as parents from either complete beginners or to those who just needed to learn or develop a new stroke.

These lessons usually work best 1: 1 or 1:2 maximum in a private setting.  I am very aware of the embarassment adults feel when learning to swim but when they overcome this feeling the benefits and satisfaction  of learning this life skill are immense!

Please contact me for further details.... 09267155324

Little Kix has moved to Manila!

Hello Big and Little Swimmers,

 I have recently moved to Manila from Saigon where I ran Little Kix swim school and taught over  180 kids to swim.

Little Kix is now operating in Manila.  I am offering group or private lessons in Dasmarinas - my pool or yours.

Sessions times are flexible.

Learn To Swim Classes (3 years +)
Parent and Child from 6 months

Feel free to contact me for more information..

I hope to see you in the pool!